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Reglas de funcionamiento de la lijadora neumática

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Pneumatic sanding machine is the mechanical equipment used to complete the sanding work. It involves a wide range of categories in the industry. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of the pneumatic sanding machine, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  • The operating procedures of the pneumatic sander.

  • The company has pneumatic sanding machine products.

The operating procedures of the pneumatic sander.

During normal operation of the pneumatic sander, please pay attention to the electric load of the ammeter at all times to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of jumping or unloading of the sandpaper due to the overload of the pneumatic sander, causing the sanding belt to crack or break. Pneumatic sander correction method: 1 slow down the speed of the sanding belt of the pneumatic sander; 2 replace the sandpaper with relatively coarse sand; 3 raise the position of the rubber wheel or sanding platen to reduce the amount of sanding.

When the operator is working, once the workpiece is placed on the conveyor belt, both hands should leave immediately. The workpiece should be evenly placed on the conveyor belt. The abrasive belt and rubber wheel are stressed evenly to avoid unilateral wear and shorten the service life of the abrasive belt and rubber wheel.

The table top and bottom adjustment of the pneumatic sander is operated by a computer digital lifting controller. The table top adjustment is strictly prohibited to exceed the adjustment range of the controller. It is not allowed to manually adjust the height of the table top of the pneumatic sander.

After the work is finished, be sure to clean the internal position of the pneumatic sander. When cleaning the inside of the pneumatic sander, be sure to remove the sandpaper, and then install the sandpaper when the cleaning is completed.

The company has pneumatic sanding machine products.

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